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Hi im Christene aka Amy aka Teeenie989 and i star in a web show with my friends Claire aka Brenna and Emma aka Kelsey be sure to subscribe to  to teenie989 and watch our show to find out more check out our about the show page.

~happy swimming


June 22: season 3 episode 2& 3 is out

May 25: Season 3 episode 1 is out!

May 8: Season 3 premiere coming soon! YAY!


March 6: Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Season 2 Finale is up! Season 3 will be coming out in 2 or 3 months!

February 8: The Season 2 finale Trailer is up! Watch it!

January 27: Episode 7 is up!!!

January 13: Episode 6 is up and running! its been up for a few days now so check it out!

December 25: Episode 5 aka the Christmas Special is up! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

December 18: A portion of Episode 5 aka the Christmas special has been filmed. We will continue filming on Sunday and Monday. The episode will hopefully air next Tuesday or Wendsday!

December 2: Episode 4 has been posted!!!

November 22: We're planning for episode 4!

November 11: I just released episode 3 today!

November 10: Episode 3 will be coming out this week!

November 1: I hope you guys had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I know i did (CANDY!!!!)

October 30: A new Halloween theme episode will be coming out tomorrow!!!!!

October 25: I will be making more episodes for season 2!!! Episode 2 should be out in a week or so!